Chengzhuang Mine: True and strong party building, deepening and promoting integration

Chengzhuang Mining Party Committee insists on grasping party building around the center、Grasp the development of party building and promote development,The theme of "Deepening and Promotion" is closely,"Transfer concept、Keep the bottom line、Education talents、Deep integration、Creative brand、Huimin Sheng "is the main line of work,Doing the party building brand。[Details]

Yuguang Company: "Small Manual" entrusts "Big Safety"

To further improve the safety awareness of employees,Promote the Regulations of the entire position、Comprehensive strict regulations、 pokerStrong supervision of the whole process、Full Chain "Three Victors",Promote the improvement of the company's safety management level,Recently,Yuguang Company compiled the "Safety Cultural Manual",and distribute to the majority of employees。[Details]

Shangsha successfully self -made automatic brake tangers

Recently,Shangshe developed automatic brake tangers,This device structure is simple、Practical Economy、Easy to operate、Good brake effect,Make sure that the tangling rope is always in the best working state。[Details]

Hubei Jin Control Gas Company 550,000 tons of amino alcohol project is successfully tested

Recently,Hubei Jin Control Gas Company 550,000 tons of amino alcohol technology upgrade and reconstruction project is a one -time redeemed ignition test car.,It marks that the project officially transferred from the construction stage to the trial production stage。[Details]

Beixin Kiln Coal Industry Company to put new green for the mine

To continue to practice the concept of green environmental protection development,Continuously planting mining area green "home bottom",Recently,Beixin Kiln Coal Industry Company organized young volunteers to carry out voluntary tree planting activities in the mining area,To build green pleasant people、Harmonious and beautiful mining environment Inject new vitality。[Details]

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